Weekly Class Schedule

Tuesday: 4pm all levels 5:45pm yin and rsestorative // JP Centre Yoga

Wednesday 6:30am all levels 9:30am all levels// JP Centre Yoga

Thursday: 12pm all levels JP Centre Yoga

Friday: 8am all levels 4pm all levels 6pm yin and restorative// JP Centre Yoga

Saturday: 7:30am all levels// JP Centre Yoga 9:30am all levels// North End Yoga


Yoga in the Office

Brenna works in corporate offices in the Greater Boston Area. These classes are catered to the unique needs of the group. The classes provide pain relief from prolonged sitting and computer or lab work through specific mindful movements coupled with breath work and meditation for stress management usually leading to a more productive and enjoyable work environment.


Private Instruction

Cater to your individual needs 1 on 1, with your partner, or in a small group.